Fill In The Blank Game With 8th Grade List 22

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Word Practice Sentence
aloud She read the book aloud.
jury The jury found the man to be innocent.
fabric The fabric was shiny and red.
detention The detention center was not large enough.
technique The new medical technique was promising.
myriad There is a myriad of explanations.
dissolve The sugar will dissolve in the tea.
supermarket The supermarket is almost closed.
sensitive The data is too sensitive to share.
validate It's important to validate her feelings.
uncover The reporter will uncover the truth.
uneasy I had an uneasy feeling.
uncertainty The uncertainty made him nervous.
hostile I've found them to be very hostile.
connoisseur I am not a connoisseur of French cuisine.
scepter The king's scepter was gold with jewels.
sovereign Any sovereign state may enter into an agreement.
circulation The circulation in your finger will come back soon.
premonition The premonition made me feel anxious.
vertigo The flashing lights gave me vertigo.
treaty The treaty won't hold if they attack.
advocate The children need an advocate.