Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
courage We should all have enough courage to speak up.
strategy The new business strategy will benefit everyone.
spirit His spirit is strong and hopeful.
graphic The graphic will not suit our business needs.
danger The danger has subsided.
reconstruct We will reconstruct the playground.
bravery He has shown a lot of bravery.
intruder The intruder was caught quickly.
moisture There is moisture build up on the windows.
fertilize I will fertilize the lawn before winter.
submission Your submission was accepted for the conference.
liberal The college teaches liberal arts.
comprehend She was unable to comprehend everything that was happening.
repulsive His jokes are repulsive.
affective Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression.
cognitive The cognitive skills of the monkey was amazing.
obsolete The old software is obsolete.
sorrow His heart was filled with sorrow upon hearing the news.
need We need consent before we continue.
lift The hydraulic lift was broken.
please Please congratulate the newlyweds.
actions His statements are hypocritical considering his actions.