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Word Practice Sentence
allowed He allowed her son to play in the sand.
judicial The judicial proceedings was covered by the news.
distress The ship sent out a distress call.
transcript There was an error on the transcript.
capitalism Many countries are built on capitalism.
subscribe Let's subscribe to the new marketing magazine.
license Your license is nearly expired.
supersonic The supersonic jet cost millions to build.
oblique He made oblique remarks about the new mayor.
region This region is protected by the king.
accessory I want to buy an accessory for my phone.
forward Please forward the letter to me.
machine The machine appears to be broken.
porcelain The porcelain vase was broken into many pieces.
leg This broken leg will incapacitate me for months.
man The silhouette appeared to be that of a man.
art The art scene in this town is experiencing a renaissance.
sunset Let's rendezvous after sunset.
was The scientific apparatus was difficult to understand.
is It is a ridiculous request.
hired The corporation hired hundreds of new employees.
modern The architecture was considered modern.