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Word Practice Sentence
hesitate I will not hesitate to help you.
already I already locked the door.
president The president of the club will be late.
graduate I will graduate next year.
paragraph This paragraph is too long.
grief The grief was soon replaced by happiness.
acknowledge We'd like to acknowledge everyone's help.
efficient This is the most efficient use of time.
apart We will only be apart for a while.
sustain It's hard for him to sustain a conversation.
dictator The dictator was overthrown.
cower He will cower in fear today.
bazaar The bazaar is a great place to buy spices.
theme The theme for the dance is an island luau.
lucrative The business promises to be lucrative.
tycoon The business tycoon bought up a lot of land.
tedious This work is horribly tedious.
him We will hold him in remembrance.
to The regiment marched to the battlefield.
love I love pistachio ice cream.
are Her speeches are so eloquent.
lion The lion is ferocious.