Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
exist I thought the answers didn't exist.
memory My memory isn't as good as it used to be.
surpass My grades will surpass yours soon.
critical Donations are critical to the charity.
staple Rice is a staple food in Asia.
comprehension My reading comprehension skills are second to none.
photography I really enjoy photography.
sleek The new racecar is sleek and high tech.
vocal My vocal chords are tired from yelling.
umbrella The umbrella broken in the sudden gust of wind.
misfortune My misfortune should serve as a warning to others.
bolster We will need to bolster support for the candidate.
ascent The ascent in the hot air balloon was smooth.
rubble After the earthquake, there was rubble everywhere.
foster We need to foster an understanding of other cultures.
antics Her antics nearly got her into trouble.
analogy That analogy doesn't even make sense.
grapple We have had to grapple with our loss of revenue.
was The sedative was not working.
soldier The soldier wore camouflage.
the We supported the fledgling democracy.
cheese The pungent odor came from the cheese.