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Word Practice Sentence
advertise I will advertise in the local paper.
regardless I will support you regardless of what others say.
assistance The assistance of the neighbors made the new barn possible.
contamination The contamination of the streams will be cleaned up.
mischief He was responsible for all of the mischief that has taken place.
destroy The laser will destroy the cancer cells.
policy Our policy is clearly stated in the town charter.
crude His jokes are too crude to repeat.
impede I don't want to impede anyone's progress.
disadvantage Our disadvantage is that we entered the race late.
nullify These documents will nullify the agreement.
calamity The volcano caused a calamity of epic proportions.
delicious This blueberry pie is delicious.
devoid He is completely devoid of character.
new The coup resulted in new leadership.
fruit The persimmon is a fruit of Chinese origin.
will Last year's recipient will present the award.
ball The ball was extremely extravagant.
puzzle The puzzle is quite perplexing.
capital Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.
short The engagement was very short.
office I received a referral to your office.