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Word Practice Sentence
underground The cables will be buried underground.
barter I like to barter at the flea market.
anchor The anchor must've weighed thousands of pounds.
addition The addition to the school was sorely needed.
manicure I will get a manicure on Tuesday.
compete I like to compete in math and science.
something There is something on your sweater.
article The article was well written.
especially I especially liked the fruit salad.
irritate I don't mean to irritate you.
telescope I use my telescope to look at the moon.
congestion I can't stand the congestion that comes with colds.
sequins My dress has sequins all over it.
stench The stench from the garbage was unbearable.
occupation My occupation is programmer.
withdraw I need to withdraw my candidacy.
authority Let's find an authority on the matter.
translation The translation is extremely inaccurate.
medicine The medicine contains alcohol.
spy The spy travelled incognito.
dream I was paralyzed by fear after having a bad dream.
man The man in the corner looked suspicious.