Fill In The Blank Game With 8th Grade List 7

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Word Practice Sentence
collaborate Let's collaborate with the other team on this project.
attribute I attribute my success to hard work.
outside The dogs are outside.
questionable That topic is considered questionable.
consume She will consume that entire pie for the contest.
nourish The vitamins will nourish your body.
semester The semester is almost over.
cafeteria The cafeteria is open all night now.
community This community has always been strong.
substantial There is substantial evidence against him.
abbreviate You should abbreviate that speech.
extraordinary Her piano skills are extraordinary.
magnificent The Statue of Liberty is magnificent.
compatible The software is compatible with that computer only.
rationale Her rationale left everyone speechless.
catastrophe The dinner was a complete catastrophe.
engrossed She was engrossed in the new novel.
antihistamine I had to take an antihistamine for my allergies.
immigrate The family will immigrate to another country.
hysterical She was hysterical after hearing the bad news.
commendation The student received a letter of commendation.
asymmetrical The haircut is asymmetrical.