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Word Practice Sentence
intrigue The spy novel was full of intrigue.
aloof The professor seemed aloof.
manual The task was highly manual.
environment Let's protect our environment.
pajamas My pajamas are green.
advent The advent of gunpowder changed the world.
entail The plan will entail a lot of effort from everyone.
expression Her expression said it all.
substance This substance is used to break down chemicals.
estate The estate was too large to care for anymore.
suspend Please suspend your disbelief for a moment.
controversy The controversy had everyone talking.
popularity The popularity of silly erasers was surprising.
transition I will transition my duties to you shortly.
resemble I resemble my aunt on my mother's side.
memento I would like to keep this as a memento.
souvenir I bought a souvenir while in New York City.
immune My immune system has been damaged.
indifferent He was clearly indifferent to the cause.
eminent The eminent statesman was scheduled to speak later.
distribute She will help distribute the food to the needy.
aerobics I go to an aerobics class three times a week.