Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 14

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Word Practice Sentence
tortoiseshell The tortoiseshell necklace is worth a lot of money.
prejudice He showed a clear prejudice toward the new group of kids.
steeplechase She will compete in the steeplechase.
exclamatory Her exclamatory remark was heard all the way across the room.
redundant Those cables are redundant.
Britain I'd love to visit Britain someday.
consistency We need more consistency in our menu items to bring back customers.
inconsolable She was inconsolable over losing her kitten.
terminal The man had a terminal illness.
fragile The vase is fragile.
apportion To apportion means to divide and allocate.
positively We positively identified the burglar.
ritualism The tribe practiced a great deal of ritualism.
contrite She was acting contrite and was feeling guilty.
gazetteer I found the geographical information in the gazetteer.
vacuum I need to vacuum the carpet.
upbraid To upbraid means to criticize severely or scold.
tricuspid The woman has a problem in her tricuspid valve.
tarantula I would hate to have a tarantula as a pet.
epidermis A characteristic rash can be found on the epidermis.