Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 15

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Word Practice Sentence
sacrifice We will have to sacrifice some extras in order to reach our goal.
caucus The caucus will vote today.
derivation Look up the derivation of the word.
sacramental That is the sacramental holy water.
quizzical He gave them all a quizzical look.
nepotism The practice of nepotism is frowned upon at our company.
pyramid The math book had a pyramid on the front.
irrevocable He has done irrevocable damage to the computer.
saddlebag Fill the saddlebag with supplies.
rhinoceros We saw a rhinoceros at the zoo.
rendezvous Let's rendezvous at the café.
choir The choir sang beautifully.
triplicate We need those forms signed in triplicate.
surprise The birthday party was a huge surprise.
salamander Ella bought a salamander as a pet.
committee The committee will vote on the new road today.
eighth We will meet on the eighth of every month.
dispense The pharmacy will dispense the medicine for free.
juncture At this juncture, we do not need any additional information.
subsidiary The company is a subsidiary of a larger one in Denmark.