Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 16

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Word Practice Sentence
auxiliary The auxiliary club will meet to provide support to the veterans.
soprano The soprano part was sung by Chelsea.
democracy A democracy is a form of government.
jurisdiction You are out of your jurisdiction on this police investigation.
oblivious I am oblivious to any wrongdoing.
conjunction We are working in conjunction with the federal government.
figurative That is a figurative form of speech.
schism The schism left everyone in the office feeling awkward.
confederacy The confederacy of states was run by a former general.
confidential Let's keep our meeting confidential.
dwindled Our influence has dwindled since the beginning of the year.
thriller This movie is a real thriller.
undeniable The truth is undeniable.
naturalism One philosophical viewpoint is known as naturalism where everything arises from natural properties and causes.
practically We are practically relatives.
glacial The glacial ice is moving yearly.
constitution The genetic constitution of this animal has been studies thoroughly.
vaudeville The vaudeville act was well known and loved.
illusion The magic is based on illusion.
diurnal Each animal has it's own diurnal rhythms.