Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 17

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Word Practice Sentence
reign The queen's reign lasted forty years.
communication These communication techniques are antiquated.
retract She will retract the statement.
naturally I was naturally surprised at the results.
indulge I will indulge in one more piece of cheesecake.
vicinity The suspects are in the vicinity.
beginning Restart the movie at the beginning.
policies Our policies are in place to protect everyone.
distinguished The distinguished professor will speak at the ceremony.
tempestuous The tempestuous relationship was ended abruptly.
wearisome The wearisome sailor rested by the shore.
uncanny The uncanny resemblance was startling.
expunge He will expunge the records.
beneficial The medication has been beneficial.
refrigerator The refrigerator is empty.
phantom I thought I saw a phantom in the balcony.
relevance I've argued about the relevance of the case.
psychedelic Those colors are totally psychedelic.
pigeon The pigeon has been nibbling crumbs all morning.