Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 18

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Word Practice Sentence
scallop The scallop fisherman are meeting with the officials.
propensity The propensity to become overwhelmed in this job is great.
requisition We will send the requisition to the file office.
cuckoo The cuckoo made funny noises.
observatory The observatory will be open until sundown.
perpendicular The street is perpendicular to the fountain.
minimize You should minimize the window to see what is behind it.
perfunctory The perfunctory party was awkward and strange.
tolerance Her tolerance for loud music is very high.
recovery The recovery time for knee surgery is a bit long.
imprecisely The measurements were taken too imprecisely to rely on.
depravity This kind of depravity cannot go unpunished.
proposition The proposition was approved by the majority.
eligible I am eligible for unemployment benefits.
citadel The citadel was built over 200 years ago.
desiccated We will buy desiccated fruit for the recipe.
artifice He hoped no one would discover the artifice used to deceive his clients.
shipwreck The shipwreck was found and all survivors rescued.
plethora There is a plethora of foods available at the buffet.
glimpse I caught a glimpse of a celebrity.