Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 21

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Word Practice Sentence
estate The estate was immense.
exemplary Her grades were exemplary.
vicissitude The recent vicissitude was unwelcome.
vaccinate The veterinarian will vaccinate the horse.
virility Other soldiers admired his virility.
substantive The substantive check was cashed without hesitation.
reprehensible We found the crimes to be reprehensible.
shuffleboard My grandpa plays shuffleboard.
penitentiary The penitentiary is full.
derelict The derelict home was condemned.
nuisance The flies at the picnic were such a nuisance.
bourbon I can't stand the taste of bourbon.
parachute We packed your parachute for you.
circadian A circadian rhythm has been observed in many plants and animals.
utopia She wished she lived in a utopia.
available The movie will be available next month.
obligation I have an obligation to help the needy.
radiant The radiant heat was warm and comforting.
controlled He controlled the entire island.
cosmetology I will study cosmetology.