Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 22

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Word Practice Sentence
abracadabra The magician yelled abracadabra as he pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
register You have to register at the front desk.
procrastinate It's not helpful to procrastinate.
solitary My solitary wish is for you to be successful.
chagrin She won the contest much to the chagrin of the runner-up.
decision She was responsible for making the final decision.
subservient He had a subservient nature.
protuberance The scientists studied the protuberance on the dinosaur skull.
palisade The palisade was closely guarded.
curvilinear The curvilinear forms gave the sculptures great appeal.
medicinal The herb has been used for its medicinal benefits.
valuable The necklace is quite valuable.
gigantic The gigantic ship set sail last week.
stabilizer This product uses a stabilizer to enhance its shelf life.
accomplish We can accomplish anything we set our mind to.
catapult The catapult was aimed at the castle.
sphinx The sphinx is a from Greek mythology.
evidently She evidently didn't save enough money.
basilica The basilica was an important tourist attraction.
tongue I burned my tongue by drinking hot cocoa.