Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 24

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Word Practice Sentence
sympathy My sympathy is with your family.
agriculture Our department will share our agriculture techniques with the new professor.
aluminum The aluminum foil is in the shelf.
marriage Our marriage is so happy.
congenial Please at least be congenial.
ugliness There is an ugliness to his behavior.
strategist We hired a new strategist for this project.
habitat The new habitat is perfect for the pandas.
bipartisan The bipartisan work has been applauded by critics.
strenuous The landscaping work is too strenuous for me.
videotape I would like to buy this videotape.
bravado His bravado was actually a façade.
scrutinize We need an accountant to scrutinize the taxes.
judicial Our judicial powers ensure justice is served.
souvenir We bought a silly souvenir for our aunt.
insurance The insurance company will settle the claim.
respite I need a short respite from my work.
rascal He's such a rascal for shouting out everyone's secrets.
baccalaureate The baccalaureate program is the best in the country.
ridiculous This story is completely ridiculous.