Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 25

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Word Practice Sentence
cauterize We will have to cauterize the wounds.
peevishness His peevishness made him seem guilty.
galoot The character in the play is a big galoot.
escapade We've been on quite an escapade this past week.
tomatoes The tomatoes are fresh and delicious.
vernal It will soon be the vernal equinox.
obstetrics Send these files to the department of obstetrics.
arrangement The flower arrangement is lovely.
sheer The sheer curtains were easy to see through.
eclipse I want to watch the eclipse.
variety The variety of fruits this time of year is amazing.
acquittal The acquittal came as a surprise.
vacancy The vacancy sign was on at the hotel.
traffic We will get stuck in traffic if we don't leave now.
werewolves The werewolves in the story scared me.
relevancy The relevancy of the information is questionable.
apology We are going to require an apology.
disappointment This cake is a real disappointment.
magnetism We will learn about magnetism in class.