Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 26

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Word Practice Sentence
undeviating We are fixed on an undeviating path.
rejoicing We are rejoicing at the good news.
efficient Our life has become really efficient with modern technology.
vulture The vulture was circling around the carcass.
raucous His raucous behavior has everyone up in arms.
temperament The puppy's temperament is perfect for your family.
actuality In all actuality, we've agreed to nothing.
optometry The optometry department is right over there.
maneuver This is the smartest maneuver.
assail They will assail the castle from the rear.
primitive The art is quite primitive.
androgynous The word androgynous means neither male or female.
zodiac My zodiac sign is Gemini.
assurance We've got everyone's assurance that the plan will go smoothly.
dividend The dividend will be paid out in spring.
subconscious Your subconscious mind is nagging at you.
ambivalence Her ambivalence was costing everyone time.
extraordinary The extraordinary life she led will always be remembered.
feudalism Back in those days, feudalism was the norm.
disparage Don't disparage your partner.