Fill In The Blank Game With 9th Grade Spelling List 28

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taciturn It was hard to get to know him due to his taciturn nature.
hysteria The hysteria spread once the monster was spotted.
possibility The possibility of getting a scholarship was exciting to my mom and dad.
isosceles An isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length.
further She has gone further in her educational pursuits than any other family members.
environment The environment has suffered from the toxic leak.
exercise I prefer to exercise in the morning.
perpetual She's been in a perpetual state of fear since the accident.
premonition He claimed to have a premonition of the event.
squander Don't squander your inheritence on junk.
vocabulary We practiced vocabulary daily.
statuesque The statuesque woman stood out in the crowd.
actually We actually got here early to talk with you.
precipice We were on the precipice of something great.
attendance Our attendance has been low lately.
wizardry His wizardry was the envy of the class.
attorney My attorney will call you in the morning.
whereabouts No one knows her whereabouts, but we believe she took a boat to the Bahamas.
rhapsody Everyone applauded after the girl played the most moving rhapsody.
turboelectric The word turboelectric describes electricity produced by a turbine generator.