3 Ways to Build Vocabulary During Summer

3 Ways to Build Vocabulary During Summer

We all know that our young students don't always jump at the chance to study during the summer months. However, it is the perfect time to brush up on vocabulary and get your kids prepared for the upcoming school year.

Research & Conquer

One great way to improve vocabulary is to get on your school's website and find spelling or vocabulary lists for the upcoming year. Use those as a guide to create your own quick summer program. Use www.HomeSpellingWords.com to enter words with your own sentences and practice as much as you like. You can even track spelling test progress by registering for an account.

Vocabulary Books

Another option is to get vocabulary books from your local bookstore or online that are age / ability appropriate. Many of these books have simple worksheets that are easy for kids to work through. I've personally found these to be useful, especially if you try to use some of the new words in daily conversation so that your child becomes more familiar with them.

Reading with Style

Hit the library and grab books that stretch your child's mind. Make it fun and select books with varying topics such as astronomy, history, culture, art and more. Have your student keep a journal of new words. This is an excellent way to learn about new ideas and build vocabulary. You can even tie these books into vacations you are taking or local field trips.

Tailor a Program

I know a lot of parents struggle with getting their children to study during the summer months. One way to ease into a program is to pre-warn your child that you will be doing work during the summer. I've found that creating a simple program that is fun and doesn't take too long has been the most successful. Each child is different so do your best to tailor a program specifically to your child's needs and interests.