Improving Spelling Test Grades

Improving Spelling Test Grades

Children all over the world take spelling tests. As a parent, we want our children to do their very best. Spelling seems like an easy way to get good grades as most students are provided with the words ahead of time. Still, for some children, spelling tests are a struggle and provide unnecessary weekly drama for the family.

We all know that studying is important to get better grades on spelling tests. Some parents choose to verbally practice with their children, while other students write out the spelling words daily. If your child has not responded well to either study method, it might be time to try something new.

Home Spelling Words practice section and games are a great way to help kids learn to spell. Most students are able to improve tests scores by practicing two or three times a week online. Your student may need to practice less or more than this, but we do know that seeing the word and hearing the word at the same time has helped many students memorize the words more efficiently.

Moreover, seeing the words as they are spoken by our program seems to help students notice patterns and trends. Some have become better readers as a result.

So, what is the best study pattern for success? Input the words for your child while the child reads them to you. Make sure you are spelling them right. Ask them to spell a few for you as it makes them feel like an important part of the process. As they read the words to you, they are becoming familiar with the list already. Then have your child practice online during the week as much as needed. My kids focus better closer to the test date so I have them practice the night before as well. Additionally, we have taken the iPad to the car on the way to school for one last practice. This has really helped my children tackle those last few words that were difficult.

I have often taken time to discuss patterns in the spelling words. We sometimes make up funny sentences with words that have a similar spelling. This adds an extra layer of confidence for your student as they go into the test.

Many think spelling isn't important and some schools don't even give spelling tests anymore. However, it is our belief that learning to spell helps students improve their vocabulary and reading speed. Additionally, preparing for spelling tests can teach students study habits that they can apply to other subjects.