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Spelling Help Reimagined with Technology

If your student is struggling and needs help with spelling, then you've come to the right place. Home Spelling Words makes spelling easy, and a lot more fun, than traditional alternatives. In the old days, students would sit at the kitchen table and write their spelling words over and over until they got committed to memory. We all remember how much fun we had doing that, don't we?

The "magic" of this spelling website is that students get to play and learn in the process. By providing numerous ways to learn, students can experience the spelling of words from different angles. This helps to improve the experience of learning for most students. How does this work?

writing out spelling words can be boring

#1 Practice Section**Requires Login

In our practice area, students see (for a moment), hear and then type in the spelling words. If the word is not spelled correctly by the fourth try, the student is shown the word again, and they can type the word into the system correctly at that point. This exercise gives students the chance to hear and see the word. As the word slowly fades, the student focuses on it, trying to memorize it. In this way, both auditory and visual learners are served.

#2 Word Search

Word Searches are a fun way for students to become familiar with their spelling list while playing a game. It teaches students the ability to visually search for patterns and to be able to recognize their own spelling words for the week. By completing the word search, the student is prompted to refamiliarize themselves with weekly spelling lists, thereby helping it to be committed to memory.

Word Search Game

#3 Fill in the Blank Game

Recognizing what is missing is often as important as knowing what is there. Our Fill in the Blank Game is an interactive spelling game that changes every time you play it. Your student will hear the word and then have to fill in the blank boxes. This game helps your student think about words differently. Instead of looking at the whole word, they look at the missing letters and figure out what belongs there. It is like solving a puzzle.

Fill in the Blank Game

#4 Spelling Soup - Word Catcher Game

Spelling Soup is a word catcher game where words fall from above, and your student catches those words in a bowl. The beauty of Spelling Soup is that students get a moment to recognize which word is spelled correctly. It helps students focus and notice word patterns.

Spelling Soup Game

writing out spelling words can be boring

We make getting spelling help easy! We have a wide variety of free pages and printable worksheets. We also have a membership that allows you to store your spelling lists and take tests online as well. You can even make your own lists of your personal hard to spell words. Take advantage of our articles with helpful tips and tricks for remembering words as well. Use sight word lists to help your student become a better reader. Lastly, use this site to create vocabulary lists.