Study Tips: Setting the Stage for Successful Study Time

Study Tips: Setting the Stage for Successful Study Time

Selecting the right place to hunker down to study is often overlooked. Kids often spend hours studying or doing homework in uncomfortable places full of distractions. Laying on the living room floor with the television on is probably one of the worst study locations, yet so many of our children do just that. The living room or kitchen is often full of distractions with high traffic and focus breaking chatter. So, what's a student to do? Set the stage for success!

A student's workstation should have everything a student needs to get their homework done with maximum focus.

Lighting is Extremely Important. A desk lamp or nearby floor lamp for additional lighting can make it easier on your student to read and do his or her homework. If your student is squinting or putting their face too close to their books, it's time for more lighting or perhaps an eye exam.

A Comfortable Office Chair. Good posture while studying can help a student stay on track. If the chair is hard, they may feel uncomfortable. If it's too soft, they may get sleepy. Select a chair that offers support and suits their size. Feet should touch the ground.

A Personal Desk. Students who have their own desks can arrange them as they like without being interrupted by other people's things. It also lets your student learn to be responsible by keeping their desk clean and organized. These are good work habits that will translate into many workplaces later in life.

Quiet Please. It may be hard for some families, but if all electronic devices can be turned off during study time, there are fewer distractions. This includes televisions, radios / ipods etc, or cell phones. If the parent turns everything off, the student understands that this is study time. This is a great time for the parent to spend time reading too.

Prepare to Study. Make sure your student has all the tools necessary to do their homework or study. Pens, paper, pencils, a calculator, and other supplies should all be within arm's reach. A glass of water is helpful for many students as well, although you might want to invest in a spill proof cup if a computer is present.

Timing is Everything. Children are all different. If you can get all of your kids to finish homework at a specific time every day, it is usually easier for the entire family. Some kids simply hate doing homework right after school. They've just spent all day focusing and need a break. This is often true for very active children. Other kids have a need to get the work done as soon as possible. Others want to study after watching a favorite