Free Spelling Resources

Free Spelling Resources

We provide a variety of spelling activities for anyone looking to improve their spelling skills. Login or sign up to play with all of the lists in these games or to make your add your own lists from school or your homeschool curriculum.

Spelling Practice & Spelling Tests

Practice spelling or take spelling tests by using our free external spelling test pages.

Spelling Worksheets

Print out our free spelling worksheets and use them as a supplement to what your student is learning at school or as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Spelling Games

The following spelling games are free. To play games with all of our spelling lists or your own lists, please sign up or login.

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Spelling Memory Game

King Cactus Game (Hangman Spelling Game)

Mouse Maze Spelling Game

Word Scramble Game

Word Chopper Game

Word Search Game

Fill-in-the-Blank Game

Fill in the Blank Game

Spelling Soup Game / Word Catcher Game