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Play Games while learning

We apply the elements of game playing to learning. This method is know as gamifying, which is an excellent method for encouraging engagement while learning. Home Spelling Words recognizes the importance of having fun and playing interactive games while learning.

Below are some of our most played games.

Jump Jump Game

Jump Jump is a cute, fun, and fast-paced spelling game that students really enjoy! Jump your character up the screen using the buttons on screen or the arrow keys on your keyboard to collect coins to complete your spelling list. Watch out for enemies that fly across the screen and make sure to catch bonus items as you play!

Play Jump Jump

Spelling Hopper Game

Spelling Hopper is a cute, fun, and fast-paced spelling game that students really enjoy! Guide the frog up the screen with buttons or arrow keys as you are challenged to spell in every clearing. Collect the purple gems for bonus points and avoid trucks and the water! When all the words have been spelled correctly, the student wins the game.

Play Spelling Hopper

Sky Spelling Game

Collect the coins with the plane and spell the words in your list correctly to complete the game until you have answered all spelling questions for your list. Avoid obstacles and lightning bolts!

Play Sky Spelling

Spelling Golf Game

Use your mouse to pull back and hit the ball until it falls in the hole! Avoid obstacles and roll over keys in order to reveal new areas of the course. Spelling questions are asked when keys and holes and hit. The game is finished when you have spelled all the words in your list correctly.

Play Spelling Golf

Racing Stars Game

Racing Stars is a fantastic educational game. Race around the track while spelling the words in your list to win!

Play RacingStars

Word Search Game

The Word Search game takes your spelling words and puts them into the fun and well known game. You highlight the words and they get crossed out from your list. You can use this game to make your own spelling lists or use our K-9th grade words.

Play Word Search

Fill-in-the-Blank Game

Our Fill-in-the-Blank game changes every time! It randomly selects letters to hide. This makes the game different every time you play. Just like the test or practice sections, this game checks for capitalization and apostrophes. It's a great way to learn while having fun. You can play with your lists or ours!

Play Fill-in-the-Blank

Spelling Soup Game

The Spelling Soup game drops words from the selected list. Students must catch the correctly spelled word in the bowl to get points.

Play Spelling Soup

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Can you help Crazy Fish eat the correctly spelled words on surfboards? Test your spelling skills by making your own spelling lists or by using our spelling lists. If you have kids who hate spelling, then this is the kind of spelling help you need. Enter easy words, hard to spell words, holiday lists or anything you like. Crazy Fish is just one of the many new spelling games for kids that we’ve recently developed.

Play Crazy Fish

Memory Game

Memory Games are always a favorite, and this interactive spelling game will keep your kids entertained. Your student will get to know and recognize their spelling lists through playing this memory game with their own spelling words from school or with our grade appropriate spelling lists developed by teachers. This is one of our many new great spelling word activities for kids.

Play Memory Game

King Cactus Game (Hangman Game)

Our fun King Cactus game is a hangman style game. The object of the game is to save the fish from getting caught by the fisherman! Select a letter that you think is in the word and if it is wrong, bits of a fish start to appear on the hook. If you can't guess the word, then the whole fish in on the line and you are caught and end up in the fisherman's bucket!

Play King Cactus

Word Scramble Game

If you're looking for fun spelling activities for kids then the Word Scramble Game was made for you! We take your spelling words and scramble them up and you have to guess the words by selecting letters. If the letter is right, it sticks, but if it is wrong, you have to keep trying. It's a unique and engaging way to practice spelling.

Play Word Scramble

Mouse Maze Game

Use the mouse maze game to practice spelling. Help Herman the mouse navigate toward each cheese. Once Herman touches the cheese, your student will hear the spelling word and will be prompted to spell the word to continue. If there are a lot of words on the spelling list, you may find yourself helping Herman through multiple mazes until you've reached the end.

Play Mouse Maze

Word Chopper Spelling Game

Chop Away at Your Spelling Lists until you get all the words right! Word Chopper is another great original interactive game developed by Home Spelling Words. The object of the game is to spell the words correctly until you've spelled them all correctly. Essentially, you whittle away at your spelling list by spelling words right. This is a great way to practice for your weekly spelling tests as you are able to practice as much as you like, while playing a fun game. Spelling practice is never boring when you can play games to learn.

Play Word Chopper

Bink Bonk Game

Bink Bonk is a fantastic educational game. The player must use the paddle to hit the purple blocks and they will be prompted to spell one of their spelling words from their list until their entire list is completed.

Play Bink Bonk