Brett Week 1 | Home Spelling Words

Brett Week 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
recommend I recommend you go to online school. Basic
different I like different things than you. Basic
graffiti Gangs like graffiti in their neighborhoods. Basic
successfully I want you to successfully complete school. Basic
embarrass I don’t want to embarrass you. Basic
necessary It is necessary to study if you want to do good in school. Basic
parallel To get your drivers license, you have to parallel park. Basic
Halloween Halloween is when the freaks come out! Basic
Connecticut Connecticut is a hard word to spell. Basic
approximately Approximately is a hard word to spell, too. Basic
commitment Being successful in anything requires commitment. Basic
accommodate We have room to accommodate one more person in our vehicle. Basic
accomplishment It is quite an accomplishment to graduate from high school. Basic
possession My mothers ring is my favorite possession. Basic
harass No one wants someone to harass them. Basic
confetti They throw confetti at celebrations. Basic
abbreviation Rd. is an abbreviation for road. Basic
interruption There is an interruption of service when you don’t pay your phone bill. Basic
cinnamon I like cinnamon on my toast. Basic
mayonnaise Mayonnaise is my favorite condiment. Basic
questionnaire The hotel provided a questionnaire for it’s customers. Challenge