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Short & Long ’a’ Words

Sort 7 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
last His turtle came in last. Basic
sack The sack is full. Basic
ask I need to ask my parents. Basic
snap The turtle can snap your finger. Basic
hand Her hand is warm. Basic
glass My glass is empty. Basic
grass The cut grass smells good. Basic
bat It’s my turn to bat. Basic
map We need to read the map. Basic
fast Her rabbit was fast. Basic
face I cleaned my face. Basic
make Let’s make lunch. Basic
whale The whale is a mammal. Basic
rake I can rake the leaves. The rake is in the garage. Basic
same We have the same name. Basic
name My name is Grace. Basic
gate Please shut the gate. Basic
page My book has a title page. Basic
made We made a cake. Basic
came My friends came to the party. Basic