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Short & Long ’i’ Words

Sort 8 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
gift The gift is for her. Basic
spill Don’t spill your milk. Basic
thin I saw a thin mouse. Basic
clip My mom needs a clip. Basic
kick We can kick the ball. Basic
swim I know how to swim. Basic
flip My dog can flip. Basic
dish I will put the dish on the table. Basic
limb The limb fell from the tree. Basic
rich We shared some rich chocolate. Basic
drive We can drive to the store, Basic
mice My cat chases mice. Basic
prize I earned a prize for good grades. Basic
dice The dice game is easy. Basic
five My cousin is five. Basic
hike We like to go for a hike. Basic
nine I am nine years old. Basic
knife The first letter in knife isn’t heard. Basic
nice My brother is nice. Basic
while We waited while the dog went outside. Basic