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Short & Long ’o’ Words

Sort 9 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
rock The rock broke the window. Basic
clock What time is it on the clock? Basic
spot There is a chocolate spot on my shirt. Basic
job My dad’s job is at the hospital. Basic
chop We need to chop some wood for the fire. Basic
pot The pot is hot. Basic
hot I touched the hot pot. Basic
home I live at home. Basic
cone I like ice cream on a cone. Basic
stove Be sure to turn the stove off. Basic
rope We can jump with a rope. Basic
joke He told me a joke. Basic
broke Daddy broke the cup. Basic
hole My pocket has a hole in it. Basic
those Those are the flowers I picked. Basic
hose The garden hose has holes in it. Basic
nose My nose was stuffy. Basic
woke We woke up at sunrise. Basic
hope I hope we can visit again soon. Basic
some We collected some leaves for the party. Basic
come Please come to the party. Basic