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Short & Long ’u’ Words

Sort 10 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
just Just put the cube in the freezer. Basic
hunt My uncle likes to hunt. Basic
such We have such a beautiful garden. Basic
cut Mom likes cut flowers. Basic
club I’d like to join a club. Basic
plus Two plus two is four. Basic
bus I see the school bus every morning. Basic
shut Please shut the door. Basic
drum I hear the drum beat in the song. Basic
jump I like to jump on our trampoline. Basic
rude Some people are rude. Basic
mule A mule is similar to a donkey. Basic
cube The cube is melting. Basic
flute I like the sound of a flute. Basic
huge The meal was huge. Basic
tune What tune are you listening to? Basic
June June is a beautiful girls’ name. Basic
tube I used all the toothpaste in the tube. Basic
use We can use your help. Basic
cute My dog is cute. Basic
put Put the books on the shelf. Basic