Spelling Assessment | Home Spelling Words

Test - Word Sorts 7 - 12 (Grade - 90)

Spelling Assessment | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
hose I used the hose to water the plants. Basic
tube The toothpaste tube was sticky. Basic
duck The duck paddled through the water. Basic
tape The tape stuck to my hand. Basic
book I read the book. Basic
sack The sack was very heavy. Basic
bone My dog likes her bone. Basic
kick It was a great kick that won the game. Basic
sock My sock has a hole in it. Basic
mule The mule would not move. Basic
bike I liked the red bike. Basic
flute The tune streamed from the flute. Basic
five My cousin is five years old. Basic
rock I tripped on a rock as I was running. Basic
smoke On this cold afternoon, I can see the smoke rising. Basic
stove We removed the eggs from the stove. Basic
rake I like to rake the yard. Basic
kite My kite got stuck in the tree. Basic
lock We lost the key to the lock. Basic
cape His cape was red. Basic