group 17-20 review | Home Spelling Words

group 17-20 review | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
pouch A baby kangaroo lives in his mothers pouch. Basic
checking My mom was checking to see if I was okay. Basic
light I wake with the morning light. Basic
after B comes after A in the alphabet. Basic
crowded The store was really crowded today. Basic
bluffing I could tell Dad was bluffing. Basic
night The moon comes up at night. Basic
before Always brush your teeth before bed. Basic
house I live in a house. Basic
planted Mom and I planted a garden. Basic
multiply I will learn to multiply in math. Basic
ready I was ready to leave. Basic
saw We saw a shooting star lastnight. Basic
bright The sun was very bright to my eyes. Basic
beaches There are many beaches by the ocean. Basic
talk I like to talk to my grandma on the phone. Basic
person My dad is a nice person. Basic