group 4 words | Home Spelling Words

group 4 words | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
bite I took a bite of my sandwich. Basic
late I was late to school yesterday. Basic
size I wear a size 12 shoe. Basic
made My mom made me some cookies after school. Basic
side We washed off the side of the house. Basic
ate I ate a piece of pizza for lunch. Basic
fine She was feeling fine this morning. Basic
same I have the same dress as her. Basic
hide My favorite game is hide and go seek. Basic
line We waited in line for lunch. Basic
give I want to give my dog a treat. Basic
have We have three cats. Basic
license You need a license to drive a car. Challenge
migration We saw the butterflies during their migration. Challenge
favorable Favorable means helpful or kind. Challenge
delayed We were delayed in traffic for two hours! Challenge
embrace I like to embrace my Dad really tight. Challenge