group 6 wods | Home Spelling Words

group 6 wods | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
bone I gave my dog a bone. Basic
robe Put on your robe if you’re cold. Basic
use Ask your teacher if you can use her book during class. Basic
these I love these new shoes. Basic
rope We used a rope to pull the wagon. Basic
note Never pass a note during school. Basic
cute The kitten was so cute! Basic
close Close the door on your way out. Basic
hope I hope we will get a balloon. Basic
those Those cars were a mess from the mud. Basic
one I’ll take the one over there. Basic
goes My dad goes to work every day. Basic
cubicle Some people work in a cubicle. Challenge
location The house was in a good location. Challenge
medium I will have a medium size drink. Challenge
focus Focus on your work! Challenge
helium The helium balloons were all over the sky. Challenge