February 28 | Home Spelling Words

February 28 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
badge I wore a police badge. Basic
ridge We sat on the ridge of the mountain Basic
fudge Mom made fudge on Saturday. Basic
Judge We had to appear before a judge Basic
lodge We stay at a lodge in the mountain. Basic
bridge We crossed the bridge. Basic
ledge Standing on the ledge is very dangerous. Basic
dodge We played dodge ball. Basic
hedge The hedge was cut beautifully. Basic
pledge I pledge to do my best. Basic
stage We practiced on stage. Basic
rage Don’t display that kind of rage. Basic
cage The dog slept in a cage. Basic
huge The stars were huge. Basic
charge I had to charge my phone. Basic
surge There was a surge of energy when the lights went out. Basic
bulge What is that bulge in your bag? Basic
range There was a wide range of colors to chose from. Basic
change I had to change my cloths. Basic
sponge I want to yellow sponge. Basic
plunge Basic