List 31 | Home Spelling Words

List 31 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
high Wow, I can swing high. Basic
near I live near the Dairy Queen. Basic
add I love to add numbers. Basic
food My favorite food is spaghetti. Basic
best I like my teddy bear the best. Basic
next What will we do next after Easy Grammar? Basic
else What else is there to eat? Basic
checked I checked my room for the book and I still can’t find it. Basic
grand My grand plan is to have a Nook. Basic
stand I got nervous when it was time to stand on the stage. Basic
matter The earth is made from matter. Basic
forms There are a lot of forms to fill out for soccer. Basic
value I value the love of my family. Basic
tongue I burned my tongue by drinking hot cocoa. Basic
energy I have lots of energy in the afternoon. Challenge
notation When I read books sometimes there is notation in the margins. Challenge
intimidate I can understand how speaking on stage would intimidate someone. Challenge
orientation Orientation is very important because it prepares you for the next step. Challenge
existence God has an existence in our lives. Challenge
perseverance His perseverance gives us hope. Challenge
ointment It would help if you used ointment on that bug bite. Challenge
sublte Subtle is better. Challenge