april 12 | Home Spelling Words

april 12 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
brown vs.board of education in 1954 the supreme court agreed with thurgood marshall that segregation in public schools should be stopped Basic
montgomery bus boycott in december 1955 rosa parks would not give her seat up to a white man.she was arrested.african americans stopped riding city buses in protest of her arrest Basic
civil right act of 1964 a law made segregation in public places illegal in America Basic
birmingham civil rights march peaceful gatherings of african americans led by Martin Luther King JR.to stop segregation in public places Basic
american indian movement large groups of indians pushing for indian rights Basic
buying on credit allows a buyer to buy something and pay part of the price.the buyer pays it off until the item is payed off Basic
dust bowl of the 1930s the result of dust storms in central united states and canada from 1931 to 1939 Basic
black tuesday marked as the great depression.black tuesday refers oct.29,1929 five days after stock market crashed Basic
great depression an economic downturn started in 1929 which wasn’t fully felt until 1930,it lasted through 1930s.it north america and europe but had affects around the world Basic