List 1 | Home Spelling Words

List 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
an Is that an apple? Basic
at I will meet you at noon. Basic
can I can stay up late. Basic
cat My cat is named Fluffy. Basic
had We had chicken for lunch. Basic
man That man is my uncle. Basic
spell Can you spell the word list for me? Basic
add If you add two plus two it equals four. Basic
see Anna will see a dentist tomorrow. Challenge
look You should use a dictionary to look up the word. Challenge
this I think this new book will be good. Challenge
of I went to the zoo free of charge. Challenge
animal I saw a new animal at the zoo. Challenge
October October is my favorite month. Challenge
Halloween What will you dress up as for Halloween? Challenge
pumpkin I will carve a pumpkin with my brother. Challenge