List 3 | Home Spelling Words

List 3 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
trip I will take a trip to California next summer. Basic
crab I like to eat crab and lobster. Basic
drip Did I hear the faucet drip? Basic
grin You seem to have a big grin on your face. Basic
grab I will grab a snack later. Basic
trap I will trap that mouse with a small cage. Basic
crack There is a crack in the sidewalk. Basic
brown My favorite color is brown. Basic
Thanksgiving I enjoy meeting my whole family on Thanksgiving. Basic
color What is your favorite color? Challenge
funny What is so funny about that show? Challenge
like I like to play hockey. Challenge
some I will have some fruit salad. Challenge
gobble Chew your food, just don’t gobble it down. Challenge
dinner We eat dinner together. Challenge