List 4 | Home Spelling Words

List 4 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
on Get on my bike. Basic
box I found a box by the door. Basic
not We do not know when we will go. Basic
hot I think the stove is too hot. Basic
got I got my report card today. Basic
top I have a new top. Basic
pond There is a pond behind my home. Basic
doll My sister has a new doll. Basic
family Is your family coming to our picnic? Challenge
your I think your Mom can’t make it. Challenge
people I have invited many people. Challenge
children There will be games for children to play. Challenge
picture I will take a picture at the end. Challenge
bakery Will you bring those muffins from the bakery? Challenge
cinnamon Bring me a cinnamon roll as well. Challenge
feast We will have a feast. Challenge