misspelled 1 | Home Spelling Words

misspelled 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
disappointed I am disappointed in my grade Basic
haiku A haiku is a poem Basic
steel The boat was made of steel. Basic
led I led the tour Basic
wring She will wring her hands in worry Basic
environment The environment was contaminated Basic
lurching The new driver was lurching down the street Basic
conductor He is the train conductor Basic
specimen The flower was a beautiful specimen Basic
crumb The mouse ate the crumb Basic
resistance The kids found resistance when they asked to go to the movies Basic
hydroelectric Hydroelectric is using water to make electricity Basic
filament Inside a light bulb is a small filament Basic
crime He committed a crime Basic
gold Gold is a precious metal Basic
flight Our flight was delayed Basic
coal That furnace burns coal Basic
marveled We marveled at the waterfall Basic
reservoirs Water is stored in those reservoirs Basic
biodegradable Banana peels are biodegradable Basic
build We will build a house Basic
folks My folks are my parents Basic
reservations We made reservations at the cafe Basic
gain I will gain weight if I eat that Basic
field The cows are in the field Basic
glass The window is glass Basic
descent It was a tricky descent down the mountain Basic