B - End of level Form B | Home Spelling Words

B - End of level Form B | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
am I am happy that you are my child. Basic
every You are every parents dream. Basic
think I don’t just think it, I know it! Basic
lost Find help if you are lost. Basic
hundred Grandaddy almost made it to one hundred Basic
baby A baby is a blessing from God. Basic
feet Hopefully, you have two feet. Basic
white A bride should wear white. Basic
told I told you not to do that. Basic
tomorrow There is always tomorrow. Basic
party Everyone loves a party. Basic
supper Some called it lunch and others call it supper. Basic
poor Blessed are the poor in spirit. Basic
wear Always wear a warm coat on a cold, winters day. Basic
clear It was a clear, sunny day in June. Basic
always Church is always on Sunday. Basic
poison Chocolate is poison to dogs. Basic
would Life would be great if everyone loved the Lord. Basic
coming We have help coming next summer. Basic
putting Try putting gloves on to keep your hands warm. Basic
October Halloween is always October 31st. Basic
ninth A baseball game usually ends at the end of the ninth inning. Basic
o’clock It is 5 o’clock. Basic