C-1 | Home Spelling Words

C-1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
happy Are you a happy learner? Basic
family We love every member of our family. Basic
asked Have I asked a question? Basic
black The black rider scenes are exciting. Basic
paths Have our paths crossed before? Basic
grab Would you grab my Bible, please? Basic
math I know math can be fun. Basic
than I would rather spend time with my family than spend time with a celebrity. Basic
rabbit Rabbit stew, anyone? Basic
camp We need to set up camp before dark. Basic
mad Getting mad will not solve anything. Basic
fast How fast can you run? Basic
hand Would you like to play a hand of Skip-bo? Basic
sat Johnny sat in the corner. Basic
hat What a pretty hat. Basic
half Half a plate of dinner is better than none. Basic
catch Can you catch a ball? Basic
apple An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Basic
landed The plane landed safely. Basic
pretty Your hair is pretty today. Basic
getting I am getting very sleepy. Basic
here Would you like it here or there? Basic
should You should always take a shower. Basic
o’clock 8 o’clock should be our bedtime. Basic