C-2 | Home Spelling Words

C-2 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
then First I will eat, then I will play. Basic
every I have fun every time I play. Basic
when When I play, I try not to get hurt. Basic
next Next time I play, I’ll jump rope. Basic
them I would like to play with them. Basic
end I never want play time to end. Basic
catch I will play catch with my brother. Basic
ten Ten minutes is not enough time to play. Basic
second One second certainly is not enough time to play. Basic
letter I can not write a letter while I play Basic
seven It can sometimes be hard to play with seven friends at once. Basic
except I like to play except when I am sleepy. Basic
met I have met a lot of good friends while at play. Basic
rest I may need to rest after a long play time. Basic
jelly I do not recommend playing while eating a jelly sandwich. Basic
self Playing is not as much fun when I am by one self. Basic