F1 | Home Spelling Words

F1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
blanket Is your electric blanket turned on? Basic
plants Are the plants growing this year? Basic
catch Can you catch a ball? Basic
calf Was the new calf born yesterday? Basic
crash I am so tired; I'd like to crash at my friends house. Basic
gang Being involved in a gang is a dangerous lifestyle. Basic
plant Did you plant the tomatoes? Basic
thank Did you thank the Johnson's for their help? Basic
bath Sadie needs a bath today. Basic
flat Many years ago, people thought the world was flat, but they eventually learned the earth was round. Basic
rat Did you find a rat in your kitchen? Basic
sand Many people like to play in the sand at the beach. Basic
sang Laura and Megan sang beautifully at the concert last month. Basic
angry Being angry can sometimes lead to sin. Basic
band Did you see that new band perform last night? Basic
crack You must avoid stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. Basic
dance Learning to dance is great exercise. Basic
thanks We give many thanks to all those who helped us with the project. Basic
blast The explosion blast scared me. Basic
dragon A dragon is one of the main characters in Eragon. Basic
flash There was a bright flash during the explosion. Basic
trash It is important to throw your trash away rather than littering. Basic
drank Laura, Megan and Brandon drank 99 bottles of milk. Basic
cash It is a good idea to keep cash on hand in case of emergencies. Basic
packed Have you packed your bags for the trip? Basic