Delayed Recall A-1 | Home Spelling Words

Delayed Recall A-1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
an I would like an apple, please. Basic
then After an apple, then I’d like some caramel. Basic
him Please give an apple to him. Basic
off Take the apple off of the counter. Basic
but I like bananas, but like apples better. Basic
play Can I play after I finish my apple? Basic
eat May I eat my apple? Basic
nice My sister was nice enough to cut an apple for me. Basic
goes An apple goes to church me sometimes. Basic
too I, too, like eating apples. Basic
that That apples looks yummy. Basic
went We went to the store to buy another apple. Basic
this This is a green apple. Basic
just Just eat one apple today. Basic
skate Don’t skate over an apple. Basic
each Each kind of apple has its own flavor. Basic
time Is it time to eat my apple? Basic
going The apple is going to spoil if it doesn’t get eaten soon. Basic
school Take an apple to school. Basic
they They like apples. Basic
like Do you like apples? Basic