Week 1 | Home Spelling Words

Week 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
gain This book will help you gain a lot of knowledge. Basic
cream Do you like ice cream? Basic
sweet The chocolate is too sweet. Basic
safe It is not safe to go out in a storm. Basic
past In the past, we made cookies. Basic
reach Can you reach the flour? Basic
kept He kept telling me the same joke. Basic
field We went out in the field to check the corn. Basic
break Please don’t break the window. Basic
east Go east for one mile and turn left. Basic
steep The hill is very steep. Basic
shape A circle is an example of a shape. Basic
pray I will pray that your new job is a success. Basic
pain I have a pain in my left side. Basic
glass Would you bring me another glass of juice? Basic
west I live west of the Colorado. Basic
cheap I need to look for a cheap gift. Basic
steak My brother likes to eat steat and green beans. Basic
chief The chief was pleased with his people’s progress. Basic
blizzard There was a blizzard that left five feet of snow. Challenge
checkpoint We had to stop at the checkpoint before we could proceed. Challenge
descent The descent from the mountain would be dangerous. Challenge
experience I have experience working with children. Challenge
longitude Vertical lines on a map or globe represent longitude. Challenge
latitude Horizontal lines on a map or globe represent latitude. Challenge