Week 1 | Home Spelling Words

Week 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
poetry I like to read poetry on Sunday afternoon. Basic
beautiful The flowers were very beautiful. Basic
thirteen I was thirteen when I learned how to swim. Basic
tongue My tongue hurt after eating that hot chili. Basic
pieces I cleaned up the broken pieces of the vase. Basic
neighborhood You have a delightful neighborhood. Basic
thousand A thousand dollars should be enough to pay her tuition. Basic
through I went through a tunnel to get to New York City. Basic
unusual I thought he acted quite unusual. Basic
building The building was so tall, you could barely see the top. Basic
license I just got my license to drive. Basic
remodel I would like to remodel the kitchen next month. Basic
grateful I am grateful for my parents. Basic
enemy The enemy snuck behind our lines. Basic
instrument Do you play an instrument? Basic
perform Will you perform with the dance troupe on Friday? Basic
prefer I prefer to make my own meals. Basic
judged He was judged harshly by the other students. Basic
adjusted Emma adjusted to life in a new city. Basic
soldier The soldier was happy to receive a care package. Basic
preliminary The preliminary report shows that we won’t have enough equipment. Challenge
tremendous It would be tremendous if you could come and help me prepare dinner. Challenge
mediocre Study extra so as not to be mediocre. Challenge
perception The perception was that she didn’t really care when she actually did. Challenge
neutrality In 1914, President Wilson initially spoke of American neutrality regarding the World War. Challenge