Week 2 | Home Spelling Words

Week 2 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
admire We admire your tenacity. Basic
canyon The canyon was beautiful at sunset. Basic
lemonade We sold lemonade from our driveway. Basic
method There was a new method by which we were supposed to complete our work. Basic
distance The school is quite a distance from your home. Basic
swimming Bob loved swimming in the summer. Basic
modern I think your home has a very modern design. Basic
comedy My favorite comedy show is on tonight. Basic
husband My husband will meet us for lunch today. Basic
clumsy The toddler was clumsy but cute. Basic
magnify I will magnify the results so that you can see them better. Basic
cannon Move that cannon into position before our enemy arrives. Basic
decorate Will you decorate your home for your party? Basic
strict My Dad is not strict at all. Basic
injury His knee injury kept him out of the football game. Basic
tissue Could you pass me a tissue? Basic
honesty Integrity and honesty are important to being a good person. Basic
property The pool toys are his personal property. Basic
hundredth The hundredth customer will receive a gift card. Basic
dungeon Take that traitor to the dungeon. Basic
adequate Internet users should use adequate virus protection. Challenge
reconcile Later this evening, we should reconcile our bank statement. Challenge
insulation My Grandpa will put extra insulation in his attic to save energy. Challenge
reluctant We were reluctant to tell him the truth. Challenge
thunderstorm The thunderstorm scared the pets. Challenge